Hameed Safiullah


Gabriela Hug, Rahul Tongia

Research Project Description:
My current research involves developing cost-efficient frequency regulation markets. Restructuring of electricity markets have led to various market designs for ancillary services. Many of the designs don’t exercise cost based control on frequency regulation usage. We have been working on models that are increasing inclusive of market information in frequency regulation generation dispatch.

The Indian grid is in the process of introducing ancillary services market. We have been developing cost-efficient ancillary services market designs for the southern regional grid in India. The proposed markets are designed to be flexible to adapt to different grid quality standards, and would prove to be cost-efficient when compared to the markets implemented in the developed countries. Further, we are modeling the impact of renewable energy integration on the different proposed market designs.

Research Interests: Electricity Markets Design, Ancillary Services, Frequency Regulation, Renewable Energy Integration


S. Huang, H. Safiullah, J. Xiao, B. Hodge, R. Hoffman, J. Soller, D. Jones, D. Dininger, W. E. Tyner, A. L. Liu, J. F. Pekny. The effects of electric vehicles in the City of Indianapolis. Energy Policy. Vol. 49, pp 442 - 455, 2012.

Safiullah H; Hug, G; Tongia R;" Electricity Market Design for improving frequency in the Indian power system,". (forthcoming)


Office: HBH A012, Bay 1
Phone: 305-323-1001


Ph.D., 2011-present
Engineering and Public Policy
Carnegie Mellon University

M.S., 2009-2011
Industrial Engineering
Purdue University

B.S., 2003-2007
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University