Courses that are currently being taught are:

18-372 Fundamentals in Electric Power Systems
18-473 Computational Methods for Smart Grids
18-587 Electrical Energy Conversion, Control and Management (capstone course)
18-618 Smart Grids and Future Electric Energy Systems [.pdf]

18-200 Talk on Electric Energy Systems, Professor Marija Ilic, 09-23-2014 [.pdf]

18-418 Electric Energy Processing: Fundamentals and Applications


The proposed option forms the kernel of what one may refer to as the ``modern electric energy systems graduate program in ECE”. It draws on unique domain and non-domain expertise. The curriculum recognizes the need for broad systems thinking.

Longer term, the basic approach is to have some courses offered by the domain experts (few) and then many offered in a modular way (by teams of domain and non-domain experts). The modular courses would be the first of their kind, would draw on on-going research thinking and team formation and should be quite attractive to those graduate students specializing in general disciplines with an interest in applying their methods to future energy systems.

18-618 Smart Grids and Future Electric Energy Systems
18-882 Power Electronics for Electric Power Systems

18-879M Optimization in Electric Energy Systems
18-777 Large Scale Dynamic Systems (not offered in 2014)
18-819B Introduction to Solar Arrays: Modeling, Analysis, and Design