Dmitry Shchetinin

Dmitry Shchetinin


Gabriela Hug

Research Project Description:

My current research is focused on risk minimization in power systems by means of FACTS devices. The objective is to ensure that the overall risk for the system operation is not greater that a certain given value while taking into account all (N-2) and (N-1) level contingencies. An iterative algorithm based on the AC model of the power system is used. If FACTS devices alone are not able to bring the level of risk below this value, risk/cost trade-off step is carried out on which the generation is redispatched. The advantage of this algorithm is that it allows the significant part of calculations to be carried out in parallel, which reduces the computational complexity of the problem as well as the time needed to obtain the optimal solution. Another problem I am currently working on is how to optimally allocate FACTS devices such as TCSCs in a power system in order to keep the overall risk below a given value. The goal is to determine the optimal locations and sizes of the TCSCs which will minimize the installation cost of these devices while maintaining the risk at acceptable level.

Research Interests: Power System Analysis, Optimization in Power Systems, Power Flow Control, Flexible AC Transmission Systems, Power System Reliability


Conference Publications

Shchetinin D.V., "An Allocation Method of Voltage and Reactive Power Controlling Devices in Power Systems". MPEI students' conference, Moscow, 2012 (in Russian)

Shchetinin D.V., Chemborisova N.S., Loginova S.V., "Assessment Methods' Application for the Allocation of FACTS Devices". International Power Engineering Conference, Novosibirsk, 2012 (in Russian)

Scholarship of the Mayor of Moscow
Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia, 2008-2012
Institute Excellence Scholarship for outstanding academic achievements
Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia, 2007-2012

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Office: Hamerschlag Hall A-300 desk 1
Phone: 412-313-3583


Ph.D., 2013-present
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, US

M.Eng., 2010-2012
Electrical Power Engineering
National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
Moscow, Russia

B.Eng., 2006-2010
Electrical Power Engineering
National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
Moscow, Russia