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April 2016

ECE Professor Marija Ilic served as a Guest Editor for the April 2016 Proceedings of the IEEE Special Issue on Control Challenges in Microgrids and the Role of Energy-Efficient Buildings. This issue features uses of smart grid technologies in designing and operating houses, commercial buildings, and other structures.  The issue includes an invited article which Professor Ilic co-authored with Carnegie Mellon ECE alumnus Professor Jhi-Young Joo (Missouri University of Science and Technology) discussing "An Information Exchange Framework Utilizing Smart Buildings for Efficient Microgrid Operation."

September 2015

September 2015: The Chinese Simplified edition of Control and Optimization Methods for Electric Smart Grids, Chakrabortty, Aranya, Ilić, Marija D. (Eds.) is now available here.

March-April 2015:

March-April 2015: The 10th Annual Carnegie Mellon Electricity Conference took place on the Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh campus on March 30-April 1, 2015. The theme was "Testbeds for Smart Grids and Smart Cities: Means of Learning What Is / What Might Become in the Changing Electric Energy Industry." The conference was followed by a two-day invitation-only workshop with interactive hands-on demonstrations of testbeds.

October-November 2014:

October-November 2014: Professor Marija Ilic was invited to give three national / international talks in October and November 2014.

July 2014:

July 2014: Dr. Jhi-Young Joo and Professor Marija Ilic Garner "Best of the Best" Paper Award at 2014 PES General Meeting

February 2014:

9th Annual Carnegie Mellon Electricity Conference

December 2013:

Is It Smart, If It Is Not Dynamic?"

November 2013:

NIST "Smart Grid in a Room"
Book Review: Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services

October 2013:

Carnegie Mellon Professor Marija Ilic Awarded NIST Grant for Innovative Smart Grid Research and More Secure Cyber-Physical Systems

June 2013:

Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services: The Tale of Two Low-Cost Green Azores Islands, edited by Professor Marija Ilic, Professor Le Xie, and Dr. Qixing Liu, reviewed:

December 2012

December 2012: EESG Student, Yang Weng, Earns Best Paper Honors

December 2012:  Carnegie Mellon University EESG student Stefanos Baros received the Nick G. Vlahakis Graduate Fellowship, created "to help support the masters-level graduate studies of highly deserving students in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Materials Science and Engineering, or joint MBA/MS students in the same departments."  Mr. Baros was chosen for outstanding work in ECE and in recognition of his "accomplishments to date and . . . potential for continued success."

Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation

"Engineering and the Electric Power Industry." Carnegie Mellon University Engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology Fall / Winter 2012 issue feature story by Sherry Stokes.

"Power Brokers: Granger Morgan Leads a Team of More Than 80." Carnegie Mellon Today, October 2012, Vol. 9, No.4 feature story by Melissa Silmore.

"CMU Launching Smart Grid Research Center"

August 2, 2010 edition of Pittsburgh Business Times notes: "CMU will be home to the Smart Grid Research Center . . . building off of the school’s existing Electric Energy Systems Group, which already has about 20 doctoral and undergraduate students and . . . designed to look at what systems will need to be introduced for sustainable energy service . . . ."

"Carnegie Mellon to Host Smart Grid Research Center"

July 13, 2010 article in ECE Department News announces the upcoming opening of Carnegie Mellon's Smart Grid Research Center, an industry partnership with the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), "the world's leading university-industry research consortium for semiconductors and related technologies. . . ." to be directed by ECE/EPP Professor Marija Ilic.

March 2010 Carnegie Mellon University Smart Grids Conference

"The Carnegie Mellon Conference on the Electricity Industry is now in its sixth year of offering networking on timely topics." Members of EESG participate in this conference yearly.

March 2010 Carnegie Mellon University Website Homepage

Energizing the Nation — Carnegie Mellon Professor Marija Ilic "quickly established the Electrical Energy Systems Group (EESG), a multidisciplinary team of faculty, researchers, and graduate students."

Summer 2009 ECE Department Heads' Association (ECEDHA) article published in The Source

In this online newsletter article titled "Integration, Innovation, and Expansion in Energy Systems Education," Carnegie Mellon's ECE Professor Marija Ilic and Department Head Ed Schlesinger tackle the challeges of developing an energy-smart curriculum. The May 2010 edition of THE BRIDGE magazine gives a condensed version of the article published in ECEDHA's newsletter.

May 2009 Science Magazine Article Publication

Carnegie Mellon EESG students bring energy and good will to the task, as Prof. Marija Ilic observes in this Science Magazine article referenced at;324/5924/172.

Fall 2009 Currents ECE Department Newsletter Feature Story

"Electric Energy Systems Group: Smart Research" — Now co-directed by Profs. Marija Ilic and Gabriela Hug, this "team of Carnegie Mellon researchers [is] dedicated to powering up a new smart energy grid project for the future."

October 2009 Dynamic Monitoring and Decisions Systems 2nd Meeting

DyMonDS began as an effort to bring together members of industry, government, and academia with a goal of re-engineering today's electric energy system into the technical, secure, and efficient system of tomorrow. EESG contributes its research to this ongoing effort.

November 2009 Future Grandma's House Design

Designed by EESG students Jhi-Young Joo and Andrew Hsu, this schematic shows automation that would allow an older generation to live independently.